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Our Services

 Management and engineering consultancy, in particular in the area of project management, contract management, operational excellence, sales, patents, product certification, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, as well as research and development of new products and processes mainly in the power industry and in renewable and marine renewable energy industry.

Our Experience

All our consultants and engineers have at least 14 years of experience in the the field of power, renewable energy and tidal energy industry working in big corporations as well as in start-ups.

Our Approach

Excellent communication, knowledge and efficiency is the key to our success. We work with you to ensure your project turns into a success and for the benefit of your company.


Project Management


Do you want to get your project under control or make sure that you finish it on time, within the budget and given resources? Our experienced project management team will help you to achieve it. 

UL Certification Support


UL certification process of any electrical engineering product can be a challenge and is often underestimated. With our expertise and experience in this field we will guide you towards a successful UL certification.

R&D and Engineering


Our long years experience in leading the Research and Development (R&D) projects in the area of electrical engineering in the field of power, renewable and marine energy industry are a big benefit for your projects. 

Contract Management


Do you need to close an important deal with the customer and negotiate good terms and conditions for your contract? Our experience in contract management and negotiation strategies will help you to achieve it.

Management Consultancy


Management consultancy in the area of operation excellence, boosting of your sales, achieving higher profits and ensure company growth is part of our knowledge and experience. Contact us for more details. 

Procurement Management


Negotiate the best terms for the goods and sourcing of material from multiple suppliers to avoid monopoly situations can be sometimes tricky. With our open-minded approach, you will benefit from our experience in the field.