UL Certification Support in POWER INDUSTRY

Project Management

We will lead the project according to project management guidelines by following the UL certification phases:

1. Component review

2. Construction review

3. Pre-testing phase

4. Testing phase

5. Closure phase

R&D and Engineering support

During the lead of the project, our experienced consultants will help you with clarifying any technical details, challenges and questions necessary to be delivered to UL to ensure the successful completion of the projects.

Procurement Management

Procurement and sourcing support of some of the components that need to be replaced to comply to UL standards. Also the procurement of the suitable MV/HV testing laboratories belongs to the scope of this support.



Contract Management

 Do you need to close an important deal with the customer and negotiate good terms and conditions for your contract? Our experience in contract management and negotiation strategies will help you to achieve it.


Management Consultancy

 Management consultancy in the area of operation excellence, boosting of your sales, achieving higher profits and ensure company growth is part of our knowledge and experience. Contact us for more details. 


Procurement Management

 Negotiate the best terms for the goods and sourcing of material from multiple suppliers can be sometimes tricky. With our open-minded approach, you will benefit from our experience in the field.